Does Your Lawyer “Think Like a Lawyer”

A lawyer needs to be your advisor. Even in a simple transaction or consultation, a lawyer should be sharing with you his or her viewpoint and analysis. A good lawyer is trained “to think like a lawyer,” plus have expertise in the area for which you hired him.

“Thinking like a lawyer” is not something that comes naturally to most people. The average person cannot look at both sides of a transaction or problem, for a few reasons. First, it’s very hard to be objective when it’s your own money or property at stake. Even a lawyer is a fool for his own client. Second, it takes a certain amount of “legal paranoia” to protect yourself, and most people just don’t have that.

A good lawyer is a must–he or she is trained to be objective, by looking at a situation from all angles. And that’s exactly what you need before doing a deal or litigating a case. A lawyer must uncover hidden risks and protect your interests, besides having the skills and experience in the particular transaction or litigation that’s involved.

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