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What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury claims arise primarily in two settings, at work or outside of work.  If someone is injured on the job, the claim is usually covered under a  workers compensation plan.  In that case, it doesn’t matter if the injured worker is at-fault or not.

If someone’s is injured outside of work, then he has to prove that the person who injured him is at fault, and only then can he recover money.  Continue reading

Elder Abuse at Assisted Living Facilities (RCFE)

Assisted living facilities in California, also called board and care or retirement homes, are regulated by the California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division.  A seniors assisted living facility is officially known as a residential care facility for the elderly, or rcfe.

An rcfe can only operate if it has an active license issued by the California Department of Social Services.  An rcfe license is conditioned upon compliance with hundreds of state laws and regulations that apply to rcfe’s.  An rcfe license is a license to care for and supervise its residents as to activities of daily living.

We place our loved ones, such as our fathers or mothers, in rcfe’s because these seniors can no longer live fully independently.  However unfortunately, there are lots of poorly run rcfe’s Continue reading

Suing for Breach of Contract

A contract is a just a fancy way of saying agreement.  A contract is an agreement to do something or sell something.  A person can sue for breach of contract when another person (or company) breaches, that is breaks, the contract.  Obviously, some breaches of contract aren’t worth suing on, such as someone missing a business luncheon.  On the other hand, some breaches are so serious that millions of dollars are at stake Continue reading

Suing for Fraud

Fraud has been around since mankind first appeared on the face of the earth.  Adam and Eve is a classic story, where Eve told Adam that nothing would happen to him if he just touched the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, only then to induce him to eat from that fruit, bringing ultimate death to Adam.  Although Eve had a much deeper good intention in her actions, dishonest people in generations after Eve have used fraud to cause people to do things that they otherwise would never do, such as part with money, give something away, or agree to do something.

If proven at trial, fraud is a serious allegation Continue reading